Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Web site update

I updated the web site yesterday. I have now added a search form to both parts of the site.

There have been some additions, mainly to the Mansfield family on the Russell and Wadey Family History site and also a few photographs added.

Friday, 31 January 2014

Latest web site update

It's been a year since the the last update to the web site. There have been additions to both parts of the site, and also a few changes to the layout.

If you find anything of interest or any errors please contact me via the link at the bottom of the web pages, or leave a comment here.

Dowler and Russell Family History

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Early Grindey Ancestors

The web site has had a major update with the addition of over 140 people in the Grindey family. Thanks to my new contact that family now goes back as far as Thomas Grindey and Joan Townesend who were married in Leek in 1658.
We have also managed to find the link between the Grindey family who lived at Boosley Grange with our family.

I have a lot more information to add to the web site so keep checking at Dowler and Yates Family History

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

William Grindey - Proof At Last

Some of you Grindey researchers who are in contact with me will know that, although my 2x great-grandfather William Grindey (#903 on the web site) is listed as the son of John Grindey and Dorothy Brindley, I have never been able to find a baptism for him which would prove they were his parents. Now I have the proof. A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who had seen the web site. She has done a lot of research on the daughters of John and Dorothy, and has a copy of the will of Mary Ann, which mentions her brother William Grindey. So thanks to Jean, I now have the missing piece of the puzzle.  There is also a missing sister Ruth mentioned in the will.

I haven't updated the web site with all of this new information, but there has been a major update on the family of William's brother James, who went to Illinois. There is still a lot more work to do on the family of Matthew, who joined his brother in Illinois.

If you find your family on the web site do please contact me, as I have a lot more information available, and like helping other people too. I can be contacted via the link at the bottom of every page at


Monday, 5 March 2012

American Grindeys

I have recently made contact with a lady who is a descendant of Matthew Grindey who emigrated to Scales Mound, Illinois to join his brother James.  I am gradually adding a lot of information about these 2 families, but it will be quite a long job.

I have just updated the web site, which includes some of this information, and will try and update it more frequently as I add more.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Attention All Grindey Researchers

I have just updated the Dowler and Yates web site and I have changed some of the information about a couple of Grindey people as I realised I had made some mistakes. If you are interested in the Grindey families of Staffordshire you will know that they cause a lot of problems as there are so many with the same names from the same area around Longnor and Fawfieldhead. I have also added some other Grindey families which aren't directly linked to my family to help sort them all out. This is work in progress and I will try and keep the web site updated as I add more, so keep looking.  If you notice any errors or have any more information please contact me via the link at the bottom of the web site

On the Russell and Wadey site I have aded some people and also some probate records from the Index of Wills and Administrations available on Ancestry.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Web Site Update

I have just done an update to the web site.

There are some additions to both parts of the site.