Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Web site update

I updated the web site yesterday. I have now added a search form to both parts of the site.

There have been some additions, mainly to the Mansfield family on the Russell and Wadey Family History site and also a few photographs added.


  1. Hi Jackie,

    Are still updating / doing this?

    Would like to get in contact but contact link won't connect on my end and I'd rather not leave my e-mail etc on here as thats how spammers get e-mail addesses. Any other way to contact you?


    1. Hi
      If you mean the contact link on this blog doesn't work it should do.
      Yes I am still researching but don't update the blog very often.
      Try going to the web site www.russellajj.co.uk and clicking on the link Jackie Russell at the bottom of any page.
      If that doesn't work you could leave another comment on here with your email address and as I moderate the comments I wouldn't publish it.